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Write to your customer to appologize when you are 4 month late in your delivery

You should have a customer service... follow your orders, write when you are late, and show some courtesy towards your clients.

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      • Moises Barboza commented  · 

        Hi Kameda,

        Thanks for reaching out to us!

        We are currently taking orders via getnarrative.com. However, as we expand, we hope to sell via other platforms such as Amazon.

        Head to getnarrative.com to place your order and if you have any questions drop us a line at care@getnarrative.com

        Have a great day!

      • kameda commented  · 

        I am trying to buy Narrative clip2 from EU, But I can not find out it even other country AMAZON.
        Are you sure? Have you ship them EU customers??
        Any website in EU do not sell Narrative clip2 in the world.

      • Josh Armstrong commented  · 

        Hi TA,

        Thanks for getting in touch.

        I understand your frustration, and please know that we want to ship all units to all customers outside of the EU as quickly as possible.

        We are currently awaiting all paperwork to be completed for FCC certification, and we are hoping to start shipping units before the end of this month.

        I'm curious as to which database you refer to, TA, as I'm unable to locate a comprehensive database with all devices with FCC certification. I can say that we are in the process of acquiring the certification necessary.

        We update shiptheclip.com with all information as and when we have it, so please know that as soon as hear updates we will let you know.

        We will ship your Clip 2 as soon as possible, and we are hoping for FCC's completion very soon.
        Have a great day.

      • TA commented  · 

        I posted this several weeks ago and received no response. Nor have I received any response via email or this web site.
        The lack of communication is beyond frustration! You have had my 200 dollars for almost a year!
        Order placed on May 21, 2015! What have I received in return? Nothing but hollow words. You have changed the delivery date at least three times. Now you are stating you are awaiting FCC compliance - it's beginning to appear as if you are running a scam. Please don't tell me to "contact us" care@getnarrative.com I only receive a canned response - No real information
        On a side note -- according to FCC data base, no filing is listed for "anything" related to Narrative!
        I would suggest that anyone who has not received their Narrative 2 - file complaints with their states Attorney General, the National and local chapters of the BBB, FTC and anyone else! Oh, good luck trying to get your money back. I am going to have to dispute it with my credit card company. What fun that will be...

      • Josh Armstrong commented  · 

        Hi Paul,

        Your Clip 2 was a sample unit, which is why we were able to ship it to you. Your Clip 2 should have been fully functional despite this.

        We do believe the issue that you experienced was due to your phone's model, and while this is a very rare issue for our users we are working on a firmware update to resolve it.

        We're very proud of how the Clip 2 has turned out, and we're sorry if your experience was not as expected.

        The external regulators in charge of the certification are near completion, so we're looking at starting shipping to countries outside of the EU this month. While this isn't a guarantee, we are pushing those responsible for the certification process daily for updates and completion.

      • Paul Hermes commented  · 

        I don't know what country you live in, but I live in the US and I received my Clip 2 on March 3rd. Either certification for the US has LONG since been received, or they sent mine much too early. Just something to keep in mind if you continue to be told that they are awaiting certification.

        In other news, I am now in the process of returning my Clip 2. My experience with it has been nothing but disappointing. Hopefully your wait will be more worth it than mine was, but I'd be prepared for disappointment

      • Francesco commented  · 

        Thanks for the reply, Josh.

        I've been in your position before, I know how tough it can be.

        Still have my fingers crossed!

      • Josh Armstrong commented  · 

        Hi Francesco,

        Thanks for getting back to me.

        I understand, and we incredibly thankful for the patience of our customers outside the EU. We have updated information on shiptheclip.com with new information as of today.

        I have also responded to the email you sent us at care@getnarrative.com.

        It's because of everybody's support that we were able to produce the Clip 2 and, as a small company, we can't thank you enough. We know you've waited some time for the Clip 2, and we can't wait to ship it out to you - because you all deserve it!

        My team and I are constantly pushing for more and more updates and we want you to know that as soon as we have information from the external examiners we will let you know.

        Please always feel free to contact me personally or one of my colleagues at care@getnarrative.com if you have any concerns. We're here to help and we're striving to get everything out to you as quickly as possible.

        Have a great day, everybody. Thank you for making the Clip 2 a reality.

      • Francesco commented  · 

        Hi Josh,

        Hope you and the CS Team are enjoying your long weekend.

        I think I can sum up that many are frustrated by the dearth of actual information, and seemingly no *real* updates to shiptheclip.com, to which customers are constantly referred for... wait for it... updates! Last update was 9 March, and a real kick in the nads to those of us outside the EU who have waited "patiently." The fact that the order lookup page still shows the laughable 8-10 week timeframe (as pointed out, with no basis) is a further annoyance. I check both pages every day, sometimes more than once a day, only to face the disappointing reality that updates simply aren't coming.

        I emailed for info and with similar concerns a couple of months ago and of course got referred back to the shiptheclip page, and noted that just as happened with Clip 1, I'm now resigned to the fact that this one will not arrive before yet another epic trip to the other side of the world; like the first time, I'll get it in a couple of months, more than a year after paying for it, and take hundreds of pictures of my mundane, suburban life before relegating it to a desk drawer.

        Oh well.

      • Josh Armstrong commented  · 

        Hi everyone,

        I apologise if you feel we are repeating ourselves. We are working incredibly hard to get your Clip 2s to you. Please know that as soon as we can, we will deliver all Clip 2s to countries outside of the EU.

        I completely understand where you're coming from, and you deserve your Clip 2s because without your support we would not have been able to produce something we're so proud of.

        It is coming, and it will be soon. As soon as we have more information, we will inform you. We are pushing as much as possible for FCC certification to be completed. Since the process is external, we are unable to provide a more detailed schedule apart from estimations.

        Have a great day, everyone.

      • DY Lee commented  · 

        Always same answer! Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...

        "Thanks, Understand your frustration. But clip 2 is special. Something happen. So delay. Wait 2 month from now. When shipping, let you know..."


        Promise is more important than ever!
        And we want know the schedule that you can!

      • Kal Abdalla commented  · 

        I'm curious, you say that you "believe that certification will be completed before that timeframe". When I ordered five weeks ago, the timeframe was 8-10 weeks. Are you saying that shipping will occur in the next 3-5 weeks now? Or do you mean 8-10 weeks from today? "8-10 weeks" is not a shipping estimate without a starting point of reference and your website delivery estimate hasn't changed since I started following this a couple of months ago.

      • Josh Armstrong commented  · 

        Hi guys.

        Thanks for getting in touch.

        I understand your frustration, and we do believe that certification will be completed before that timeframe. We are doing everything we can in preparation to ship out Clip 2s as quickly as possible to all customers as soon as the completion happens.

        Unfortunately, since the process is external, we are unable to provide an estimation. However it shouldn't be too much longer until you receive your Clip 2.

        Please know that we ultimately want you to have your Clip 2s, and we are working hard to make this happen. We are sorry for the shipping delays and, as a young company, we have learnt from this and will strive to provide you with clearer and more concise information in the future. You all deserve it, and we want to make all of our existing and prospective users happy.

        As soon as we have information regarding certification we will let you know via http://shiptheclip.com.

        Thank you for your support, everybody. Have a great day.

      • Stefan Ripich commented  · 

        The problem is I believed the whole "shipping soon" when I ordered the Clip2 in September 2015. It was due in October, then November then you dropped off the face of the planet and I have to keep checking. I can't believe you aren't falling all over yourselves with apologies. But you STILL have the "8 to 10 weeks for delivery" on your webpage! It's an outright lie! And when I search my order number it can't be found at all.

      • Christopher Devine commented  · 

        Still no genuine date for the US shipping window, and yet your Webpage states that those who order today will only have to wait 8 to 10 weeks for delivery? How about some honest factual information instead of continued misinformation/doublespeak. You can not blame the FCC for your continued lack of clarity.

      • Maria Durkee commented  · 

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us here on the suggestion board. Also, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We would love to get your Clip 2 to you in time and are currently doing our best to get all Clips out in the most timely manner. I can't guarantee your Clip will arrive before your wedding and I apologize for not having a specific timeframe for you.

        Please do visit us at the Gadget Show in Birmingham. We'd love to meet our customers in person. Have a great week ahead!

      • Steve Meades commented  · 

        I can see that others who placed their order on the 20th May 2015, have already received shipping information.

        I placed my order 1 day later on 21st May 2015 and yet i have had nothing.

        I have been chasing for months as we ordered 2 for our wedding next week (mistakingly thinking 10 months in advance would be plenty). I also sent an e-mail last week advising that if my products were not here this week then i wanted a refund.... but surprise surprise - NOTHING!

        I am greatly looking forward to the Gadget show in Birmingham where i believe you will exhibiting next month.... your representative is in for one hell of a ride...

      • Paul Hermes commented  · 

        I received my FedEx tracking # last night. ETA 3/3!

      • AdminAngelyn (Quality Assurance Manager Narrative, Narrative) commented  · 

        Hi Barrett,

        Thanks for providing your feedback. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to get the Clip 2 to you. Thank you for your support in us from the start. The Narrative Clip and Narrative Clip 2 are 2 entirely different devices; with the Clip 2 containing different components such as a different camera sensor and accelerometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip etc. Every device has to go through the FCC process and while the Clip 1 had certification, this couldn't be carried onto Clip 2 since it's an entirely new device.

        We are however in the process already and we can't wait to get the Clip 2 to you as fast as we can. I am sorry for the delay but please be assured that we can't wait to get the Clip 2 to you! Have a great week ahead Barrett!

        Customer Care Team Leader

      • Paul Hermes commented  · 

        Update - I ordered mine on May 20th of last year. I received an email over the weekend stating that my order would be shipped on or before Friday, February 26th and that they would send me a tracking # when one was available.
        I thanked them and I appreciated the specifics on the estimated shipping date.

        Considering the wait thus far, I'll believe it when I see it, of course. But it was nice to get an informative status update. :)

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